Use the OLA
  Find out how to set up your organization account to use the OLA in your organization: find out about costs of the OLA and how to make this assessment tool work for you.
  View the OLA instrument including the Standard English version, the Educational Version, and our current Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch versions.
  View sample reports provided by the OLA for an organization. This fifteen page report provides a wealth of information about the health of the organization and suggests specific ways for improvement.
  Explore the multiple ways you can use the OLA in your organization. The flexibility of the instrument allows you to determine, ahead of time, what view of the organization you are seeking.
  Discover how Dr. Jim Laub developed the OLA to assess organizational health through an intensive research project that produced a comprehensive model of servant leadership applied to organizational life.
  Review the strong psychometric properties of the OLA instrument to see why the OLA can be trusted to measure the characteristics of the healthy servant-minded organization.
Random Sample
  Use this chart to determine the number of subjects needed for a random sampling of your organization based on the total number in the organization or sub-unit.
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