Click on the link below to contact an OLAgroup representative to find out how you can use the OLA to assess the current health of your organization and subgroups.

Your personal OLAgroup representative will contact you directly to answer any questions about how the OLA can assist your organization.  They will set up your organizational account and make all of the arrangements for the assessment to be made available to your leaders and workforce. Contact us now, with no obligation.  We look forward to talking with you.

Costs for the OLA

The OLA is very reasonably priced at $15/instrument with a minimum cost of $550 per organization.  Reduced costs per instrument are available for larger organizations

Subgroup Reports - Additional OLA Subgroup reports are available for a cost of $100 each.  Talk to your OLA group representative about how Subgroup reports can be utilized to improve and target your assessment.

The OLA Instrument:

Click below to view the standard 66-item OLA instrument as well as the Education version and our Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch versions as well.

Click below to view the full 14-page OLA report to see how your organization's unique results will be displayed for you.