The OLAgroup Partnership is based on a simple shared commitment:

  • to effectively utilize the OLA instrument and model to assist organizations to improve
  • to operate within the mission and values of the OLAgroup
  • to share learning and insights from the use of the OLA to benefit all of the OLAgroup Partners

  • Partner Benefits:
    The following benefits are available to those who become a part of the OLAgroup network:

    Partners will ...

  • have direct log-in access to the OLA group on-line to Access the OLA instrument ...

  • Track all of your organizations that are using the OLA

  • Access to all organizational reports

  • Receive training through the on-line credentialing workshop

  • Have access to OLA training & promotional resources

  • Get quick response on-line technical support

  • Receive consultation support from Dr. Jim Laub, President of the OLAgroup

  • Get ongoing support and learning from a growing network of Partners

  • Maintain exclusive rights to contact your organizations ... all communication with your organizations will go through you

  • Access to the ongoing research on the OLA

  • Partner Requirements:
    Partners are individuals who have exhibited the capacity to work with organizational assessment and consulting and have the appropriate training and credentials. Partners must have the following basic credentials ...

  • A college degree (or its equivelent)

  • Have successfully completed a Tests & Measurements course or have extensive experience in assessment interpretation

  • Agree to adhere to the principals of proper test use

  • Experience in advising organizations and their leaders

  • Successful completion of the OLA on-line credentialing workshop

  • Agreement with the conditions and licensing requirement for the use of the OLA

  • Become a Partner:
    To become a Partner please follow the next basic steps ...

    Step 1: Complete the OLAgroup Partner Application form

    Step 2: Complete the On-line Credentialing Workshop

    Step 3: Become an OLAgroup Partner and begin utilizing the OLA