Become credentialed to use the OLA as an OLAgroup Partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner with the OLAgroup, please contact Dr. Jim Laub.  You will be able to conduct a pilot assessment with an organization of your choice while working with Dr. Laub to understand the OLA and how the assessment results can be utilized in your consulting work with organizations.  The following are some of the key learning points that will be covered through this pilot assessment and many of them are provided within this website:

Contact Dr. Laub at

Session One:
  Understanding the role of Partners within the OLAgroup
  • The Mission, Values and Vision
  • Agreements and understandings
  • Benefits of Partnership
  • Session Two:
      Understanding the OLA Instrument
  • Development of the OLA
  • Pyschometrics
  • Ongoing research support
  • Reports
  • Various uses
  • Session Three:
      Understanding Foundational Concepts
  • The Six Disciplines of Healthy Organizations
  • Servant Leadership
  • The A-P-S Model
  • Organizational Power Levels
  • Perception Match
  • Readiness-for-Change
  • Org Level Descriptions
  • Session Four:
      Utilizing the OLAgroup website to Manage Accounts
  • Account set-up
  • Tracking your organizations
  • Purchasing the OLA instrument
  • Communicating with your organizations
  • Key processes and procedures
  • Session Five:
      Facilitating the OLA Report
  • Understanding key report dynamics
  • interpreting OLA patterms and interactions
  • Processing actual OLA organizational reports
  • Application of OLA results
  • Key principles of facilitation
  • The OLA facilitation model
  • Session Six:
      OLA Training Resources
  • Understanding the OLA Action Plan
  • Training programs available through OLAgroup
  • Curriculum resources
  • Powerpoint resources
  • Marketing resources
  • Worksheets and tools