The OLAgroup plans to become an international network of Partners...organizational coaches and trainers who are committed to helping your organization establish optimal organizational health. These coaches are specifically trained in utilizing the OLA to assess the current health of your organization, to determine your readiness-for-change and to assist you in finding the best path toward positive and healthy change.
  Our mission is to provide the highest quality assessment, training and coaching to organizations and leaders to assist them in moving towards optimal organizational health, providing benefit to individual workers and leaders, and the communities they serve.
  1. Organizational Health – healthy work comes from healthy people who can only flourish within healthy organizations. We are committed to assisting organizations in discovering their rich potential as productive servants to society.

  2. Displaying Authenticity – an ongoing commitment to integrity, openness and personal learning.

  3. Valuing and Developing People – a commitment to people … their inherent value and the responsibility that we have to develop others and ourselves to our full potential.

  4. Building Partnership and Community – we intentionally chose to work with others to create outcomes that neither of us could create on our own and in such a way that each person and organization grows positively through the process.

  5. Providing and Sharing leadership – we are not afraid to lead; to take appropriate action to move towards positive change, nor are we afraid to allow others to lead. We believe that all have the capacity and the calling to lead.

  6. Servant Leadership – an understanding and practice of leadership that places the good of those led over the self-interest of the leader.

  7. Personal and Corporate Learning – we promote action research towards continual learning and growth. We want to know more about what makes workers, leaders and organizations successful and strong so that they can better fulfill their mission.
  The OLAgroup will become an international partnership of individuals and organizations committed to increasing the health of organizations and thereby improving their effectiveness. As organizations throughout the world reach towards greater health we see the following outcomes becoming reality...
  • Workers, Managers and Top Leaders will be working together in a committed partnership based on common awareness, vision and open, honest communication
  • People throughout all organizations will be valued and developed towards their full potential
  • Leadership will be shared and developed at all levels of the organization providing for continual improvement and rapid response to changing needs
  • Creativity will be unleashed providing new products, better services and dynamic solutions to societal needs
  • The health of the workplace will overflow into the homes and neighborhoods of our communities allowing for engagement of citizens in the remaking of their communities
  We envision organizations of all types and sizes; for-profit business, education, non-profit community organizations, government, medical and associations of various kinds challenged to improve the way they lead and serve within their organizations.
  The network of Partners transcends geographic and organizational boundaries. The Partnership is based on the ongoing commitment to helping organizations grow healthier through a more servant-minded leadership. Through this network you will be connecting to resources and contacts worldwide. Partners will communicate with each other, share ideas and business opportunities and generally support each others' success.