Interested in using the OLA for your Masters or Doctoral research?
  If you are interested in using the OLA for your research. Please contact Dr. Jim Laub at and explain how you believe the OLA can benefit your research. Researchers qualify for special pricing on  Please review the Letter of Understanding below to consider the necessary understandings and agreements for using the OLA for academic purposes.

Interested in using the OLA for your organizational research project?

The OLA was selected by The DePree Center for their ongoing research on servant leadership in organizations. If you are an academic or research oriented center and would like to use the OLA for your research project please contact Dr. Jim Laub at and explain how the OLA could benefit your research. Researchers qualify for special pricing on



Below are the necessary understandings and agreements for utilzing the OLA for academic research purposes


Using the OLA for Academic Research Purposes
Letter of Understanding
Thank you for your interest in the Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) for your dissertation or thesis. Before moving forward, please be sure that the OLA will meet your specific research needs. Be aware that the OLA is not designed to be a self-assessment of an individual leader. It is an organizational assessment that provides the perception of the workforce, managers and top leadership on the six key areas of servant leadership. Check out the website to learn all you can about the instrument and its relevance to your specific research project.
The on-line version of the OLA is now available for your research. You will work with me (by email or phone) to set up each of the organizations you are studying on the site. You will be provided through email with access codes and directions for taking the OLA that you can provide to those participating in your study. You also will be provided access to the site in order to monitor the progress of each organization taking the OLA. Once all assessments have been completed by your research participants I will provide you with ...
1) an OLA report for each organization in pdf. format, as well as
2) a copy of your raw data in MicroSoft Excel format. You may then transfer the data from the Excel file into SPSS or other statistical research software that you may be using for your data analysis. You, of course, will be responsible for all data analysis related to your study.
 Cost: A major reduction in the pricing of the OLA has been made for those involved in academic research. We are now requiring the use of the OLA through the website so that the data collected through your study will be available for ongoing statistical research on the OLA instrument. The cost is $100 per organization assessed with a minimum cost of $300.  Custom questions (i.e.- demographic questions) can now be added to the OLA for your specific research project.  An additional cost will be charged based on the number and type of questions needed.
Note: if your study requires the use of a paper and pencil version of the OLA this can be provided, but you will be responsible for individually entering the data from each OLA instrument into the OLAgroup website. All usable data must be entered into the olagroup site.
In addition you will agree to … 
  • Prior to conducting your study and receiving approval to use the OLA - provide me with ...  (Note: this information will be placed onto the olagroup webstie and made available to other  OLA researchers - see for listings of Current Research)
    • The Title of your study plus a 300-400 word summary describing your research plan.  This should include your research questions, your target group and how you will be utilizing the OLA in your study.
    • Your personal contact information - name, phone, email
    • Your target completion date for your study
  • After completion of your study - provide me with ...
    • a bound hardcopy plus a digital copy of your dissertation and research results
    • permission to use your research results on the olagroup website

If the OLA is the best instrument for the purposes of your research project and these understandings and conditions are agreeable to you please contact me by e-mail or phone to set up your organizations. I wish you well with your study.

Jim Laub, Ed.D.
President, OLAgroup