To empower young people to reach their full potential as caring, contributing and responsible leaders.
Program Description
  The Youth Leadership Team will be comprised of young people, grades 8 through 10 who have exhibited leadership potential in their home, school and community. This is a three year program involving bi-monthly meetings along with special social events. This is leadership training for young people who desire to become leaders to affect change throughout their world.

Detailed Program Description
Summary of Key Themes/Assumptions
  All Can Lead
This curriculum is based on the belief that all people have the capacity to lead. All will not take on “positions” of leadership in organizations, but all can lead-out by acting to make a positive difference in their world. Each person has the unique capacity to lead.

Servant Leadership
Servant leadership is defined as an understanding and practice of leadership that places the good of those led over the self-interest of the leader. It is a leadership of care and empowerment of others. It recognizes that leaders have power, but that that power must be used for the good of others.

Strong, positive relationships are foundational to good leadership and to this program. It is expected that attention will be given to building relationships within all of the formats of this program both formal and informal. The relationships that will be built through the long-term nature of this program will become a critical part of the learning process.

Experiential Learning
Leadership must be learned through a dynamic, interactive environment of discovery. It must go beyond the “classroom” into real-life and must be experienced in order to be truly learned. Leadership learning must involve life-change which comes through life experience.

Adult Mentors/Volunteers
The adult leaders of this program (staff, volunteers and community leaders) will establish Mentorships with students that will expose them to leadership models and leadership opportunities within the community.
Year One
  Accepting and building your individual capacity to lead

Year 1 Curriculum Examples and Visuals
Year Two
  Building a leadership team

Year 2 Curriculum Examples and Visuals
Year Three
  Impacting your community and your world

Year 3 Curriculum Examples and Visuals